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New group for PE and VC-backed managers

Private Equity and Ventue Capital Backed Managers Group

The fundraising and fund investment group I started on LinkedIn two weeks ago now has over 450 members – a special welcome to the 450th member Hal Morimoto. Hal is a great guy and knows more about the investment habits of LPs in Japan than is probably healthy.

Considering the amount of traffic that I know has been passing between members in direct messages, away from the open discussion forum, I wondered if there wasn’t another group not properly served by the plethora of, nominally, at least, private equity and venture capital groups on LinkedIn.

IE Consulting and Incisive Media are owned by Apax Partners and I have now set up a group for:

  • Managers of currently or previously Private Equity and Venture Capital backed businesses
  • Managers and senior industry professionals that would like to work at a PE or VC backed business (either their own – as a buyout – or at someone else’s -a Management Buy-In)
  • Professionals that can facilitate this (specialist PE/VC management recruiters, sell-side advisory groups)

The idea is not to create some kind of deal flow network (in fact, no GPs (PE or VC) will be admitted); I think individuals looking to broker or invest in opportunities in Kazakh hairdressing or GPS technologies in Surinam are more than adequately served by LinkedIn groups already…
Rather, I want to provide a safe place (remember: no GPs!) where managers can share experiences and help each other make the most of the opportunities afforded, whilst avoiding the potential pitfalls.

I hope we will cover relationships and communications (with financial sponsors, staff and customers), how to best access and take advantage of the resources and assistance available from your financial sponsor and much more.

Anyway, I hope to see you in the group!

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