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Linked In Private Equity Fundraising Group

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

The whole world of LP/GP relations in David Beckham's hands

The whole world of LP/GP relations in your hands

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the encouragement I’ve received after setting up a group on Linked In. Not only has the uptake been fantastic (348 360 members in less than two weeks – will you be lucky number 350 400?), but a number of members, clients and new contacts alike, have been generous enough to send messages of support for the group. Thanks to all of you for those, which are very much appreciated.

I’ve likewise been very happy at the relevance of the comments and discussions posted (and if I have had to delete a post it has always been accompanied by a private message to the forum member to explain the reason). Of course, it’s especially pleasing that members from both sides of the fence, LPs and GPs, have been very quick to recognise how a group like this and its membership can help them build and maintain strong relationships, both new and old.

If you aren’t already a member of the group, just click here to go to the sign up page. I’m usually pretty quick at approving membership (early experience has taught me the importance of not allowing membership with out a quick reference check) and you can expect a message from me to connect shortly thereafter.

I enjoy using Linked In because it is not too bothered about its appearance and it’s not unnecessarily complicated, fiddly or flamboyant (cf newer versions of facebook or shudder myspace) – a bit like me.


What am I doing?

March 25, 2009 Leave a comment

In the extremely unlikely event that anyone ever reads this, here is what you might hopefully find inside:

    Disjointed thoughts on events in the financial markets;
    Anything else interesting;

Err…that’s it